Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Juno at the Oconomowoc Chili Fest

Juno has been fostered in Madison so I haven't seen him for some time.  Wow, he looks so healthy now!  He has put on a few pounds, I think his foster mom said he is about 11 pounds now.  He is do for a grooming but so nice to see his fur come in.

Juno was a bit overwhelmed with all the crazyness at the Chilifest.  So many people and dogs.  I have to say, her greeted every person, young and old very nicely.  Strange dogs were a bit much for him.  He does just fine with his foster mom's dog that he lives with.

Pictures of Juno in his foster home.

Juno's arrival in Wisconsin

Juno was quite thin and his fur looked like someone took scizzors to it when he arrived.  He is a friendly little guy.  His fur is amazing,  it is a greyish color that sometimes takes on a brownish hue.  He looks like a poodle mix with his soft wavy fur and long  legs. Here are pictures when he first arrived.

looks better here after just a week